Please read all terms and conditions below and tick read before continuing to payment.

I understand that I am attending a Shamanic/Reiki/NLP/Cacao Event and or treatment. These events and or treatments can raise significant emotional releases.

Whilst Shannon takes the upmost care for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Please be aware that any physical symptoms you experience during and after must be attended to by your GP.

Shamanic Medicine, Reiki, NLP or Cacao does not replace your orthodox medical practitioners. It is a complimentary medicine.

I understand Shannon works strictly in the field of energy and plant medicine and any advice given is my responsibility to cross check with my GP and my personal medical history before applying.

I take full responsibility for my own wellbeing during and after the event and or treatment.

This includes my mental health. If I feel unwell at any stage during or after the event I understand to contact my mental health professional.

After hours please call Lifeline:13 11 14

I will notify Shannon if I am pregnant and understand that Cacao contains caffeine.
I understand the recommended caffeine intake for pregnant women is 280mg(35gm of Cacao) per day and agree to a smaller serving Cacao to adhere to the current recommended guidelines.

Refunds will not be issued but tickets are transferable to
1:another person at any stage before the session or event
2:Another event on the proviso of a minimum of 36 hours notice.

Please contact Shannon to organise at [email protected]

I understand that the during Cacao ceremony I will consume

Cacao powder
Cacao paste
Cacao butter
Cayenne Pepper
Raw Honey

(All organic and ethically harvested)

I take full responsibility for the consumption of these foods.

And finally welcome back to your heart. Shannon looks forward to working with you and all that you are. Beautiful, soulful, powerful being…