The medicine of the Serpent

Is it calling you?

You may feel a little reluctant when first called to work with the Serpent, many have fear of the snake.

We are told to many demonising stories about this magnificent energy, and so quite often miss out on the truth of its powerful medicine.

The ancient ones of our world speak of serpent as a symbol of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. She brings fertility, creativity, sensuality, and vitality.

She encourages us to shed what no longer serves, shifting stagnant and stale energies, making way for new life to begin.

She is a powerful and loving ally.

Do you long for real connection and a feeling of fulfillment?

As women we are conditioned from the moment we are born. We are conditioned on how to look, behave, even on how we should feel.

Our family environment, the songs we hear, the television we watch, the society we live in.. nearly every experience we have is tainted and sends a very clear message..

Not good enough....Be someone else....

There are expectations galore on our bodies, minds and spirit! It’s a complex web of conditioning. To keep us small and to stop us from stepping into our full power.

Why? Let’s leave that convo to another day.

We weave webs and veils to appear socially acceptable, to please the people around us, to hide the truth of who we are… from our bodies to our very souls…

Are you ready to say fuck THAT shit yet?

Because woman.. it is TIME! MEET THE SERPENT.

Are you ready to step into your full embodied spirit of woman?

To get in touch with the natural flow and juiciness that comes with that?

Are you ready to experience ALL of you? YES? YES! YES!

Join me in this guided meditation course, designed to EMPOWER you! BOOK NOW

Over 6 weeks we will deep dive into you and prepare you to work with the energy of the serpent..

The medicine of the Serpent reminds us of our truth and empowers us to step in to who we are. She brings the energy of the sacred Mother to us.. into us.

During these 6 weeks you’ll be guided through Ancient Trance Meditations and training’s, including;

Meditation 1

Connecting in through the vision of the heart, waking up your heart consciousness to open you to your own heart energy, to feel into the invisible worlds. This session is an introduction into embodiment practices through the compassion and loving attention of the heart.

Meditation 2

Journey through portal of your womb space to meet your  “council of women”, filled with your ancestry, star family, and past life connections.  You learn how to connect into the knowledge of your feminine ancestry and to be fully supported and held as you are initiated in preparation to meet the serpent, to remember who you are. Woman.

Meditation 3

Meet the serpent during this third initiation we journey into the heart, activating the heart energy to support healing and transformation as the energy of the serpent continues is shedding through the energetic centers of the body and etheric body.

Meditation 4

Connection to the vision of the womb and yoni, dropping deep into the belly , opening your to relationship to the womb and yoni and inviting you to feel into that space. This session is an introduction embodiment practices to meet with the Mother.

Meditation 5

Meet the serpent this second initiation with serpent, activates the energy and “wakes up” serpent along with your sexual and sensual energy, learning how to embody this somatically without “expelling” the energy to receive the big medicine. You and the serpent learn to become one.

Meditation 6

The fourth and final initiation, a total immersion with you and serpent as you  connect with heaven and earth, grounding your practice so that you can receive the downloads to be expressed through your body into your lived experience, channeled into mother earth.

Transform your relationships

Find your voice and develop strong boundaries internal and external

Get completely aligned with who you are and your becoming

Gain clarity around your true calling and purpose

Become more soul led and less ego driven

Uncover your true sexual expression

Ignite your passion and feel your direction and purpose

Deepen your experience of self-love and self-worth

Feel empowered

Feel supported with these incredible meditation tools to support you for the rest of your life.

Develop your internal support system to resource you for your continued personal growth

Designed to EMPOWER you! JOIN NOW!


“Shannon is a beautiful infectious soul! Working with her has produced such profound results for me. Shannon is one of the most genuine people I have met with a huge heart. I have experienced both one on one sessions and attended her circles both have had a major positive impact on me and my life.”

Emma ConwayHolistic Practitioner

“Powerhouse of truth, rawness + turning up your feminine goddess volume! I think she’s awesome. Love a woman that shows up completely + holds that space for others. 10 thumbs up!”

Hayley WebbSound & Breath Therapist