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Empowered Soul Journey – Women – Cacao and Sound immersion in Yanchep caves

May 23 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Come along and treat yourself to this empowering event.. We have women who travel for miles just for this event and create a mini getaway for themselves!
Imagine sitting in a cacao ceremony surrounded by the cool caves and heavenly sound swirling…..
Set in the underground caves of the beautiful Yanchep National Park. This event is a deep journey into self using the ancient heart opening medicine of Cacao and the powerful healing sounds of gongs, crystal bowls and drum.
You’ll be expertly guided every step of the way from the moment you step underground into the coolness of the caves.
Shannon trained in the service of Cacao with a Sangoma of Sth African ancestry so she has a powerful and unique relationship with the medicine of Cacao, she uses full trance to serve, singing and pouring she invokes the ancient energies into the sacred serving space. Gently guiding you into a state of bliss using hypnotic sound, and words(often referred to as a Shamanic journey) you’ll find yourself curling up ready to be bathed in the healing sounds of Kohra’s gongs, bowls and drums.
Cacao is not only a super food, full of iron, magnesium and antioxidants, this chocolate in its natural and unprocessed form contains theobromines. This stimulant and vasodilator increases blood flow stimulating the brain to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and motivation.
So along with the spiritual aspects of Cacao it really does make it an all round superstar of foods!
This 3 hour event will invite you to go deep and let go of what no longer serves in the most beautiful of journeys.
Kohras expertise working her instruments with the energy of the room and allowing you to deep dive into the sound, releasing what no longer serves and discovering what lies beneath.. Pure magic.
The sound journey begins with an empowerment meditation, introducing the healing sounds of 7 crystal singing bowls attuned to each chakra. The vibration of the bowls will en-train you from a beta state of awareness to a deep meditative theta state, creating a deep sense of inner calm.
You will then be transported on a sound journey with 4 Symphonic Gongs. The layers of tones & overtones of the gongs will vibrate every cell of your body, relaxing muscles, releasing emotions, bringing your body back into a deep state of relaxation and clearing your auric field of any unwanted or old energy that no longer serves you. Mentally and emotionally the sound of the Gong helps to quieten the mind, physically releasing tension and blocks, stimulating the glandular, nervous and circulation systems as well as breaking up emotional blockages.
Healing sounds from other instruments will be woven into the soundscape – medicine drum, ocean drum, rain stick, chakra & koshi chimes to en-train you into a deep relaxation response. You will awaken from your Sound Healing experience refreshed, light, calm, revitalised & energized.
This is an afternoon you will remember…
Kohra holds an Advanced Diploma in Functional Kinesiology, as well as a Diploma in Integral Group Sound Healing. She has worked as a Kinesiologist for several years supporting women in overcoming & managing emotional stress related imbalances, to assist in returning to a healthy state of balance. During her 3 years of study in Kinesiology Kohra experienced her first Gong Healing session, and became mesmerized by the healing powers of Sound & Vibration. Her studies in Sound & Vibration began at Echoes Satori in 2016, then went on to include Gong Practitioner training with Gong Master Mehtab Benton & a Diploma in Sound Healing.
Kohra has been facilitating individual and group sound healing sessions since 2017, including Gong Yoga (Yin Yoga & Sound Healing) Yin Pin Gong (Yin Yoga, Acupuncture & Sound Healing) Cacao & Sound Healing, and she has co-hosted numerous residential Wellness Retreats. She is passionate about helping others to discover and create their true power and potential with the healing powers of Sound & Vibration.
Sound healing is based on the idea that illness or disease is characterized by blockages in our energy channels. When there is a blockage, the organ in question cannot vibrate at a healthy frequency and can develop physical symptoms or illness. Sound vibration occurs on a cellular level, and can open, clear and recharge the whole body, mind and spirit. Breaking up, dissolving and releasing blockages, improving the symptoms in our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. It is non-invasive, gentle, yet very powerful!
In January 2019 Kohra attended the Pyramids of Chi in Bali and experienced Laurent Suara’s VibroAcoustic Therapy Beds. This amazing experience of being cocooned in sound with light and vibration had her mesmerized and led to working in conjunction with Laurent to bring VibroAcoustic Therapy beds to Perth.
Previously, VibroAucoustic Therapy beds have only been available in Bali, and Perth is the first city as part of a world-wide launch to receive these amazing therapy beds – Bookings are open now for sessions to begin on 1st May 2021. To book a VibroAcoustic session with Kohra click on www.vibrant-health.net.au
What exactly is VibroAcoustic Therapy? VAT is a multi-sensory immersion for awakening our human potential, using biofeedback driven light, sound & vibration. It consists of –
• 4 channels of surround sound & 8 vibro-tactile speakers deliver a variety of sonic experiences, as physical vibration through a heated water mattress creates the feeling of being inside the sound.
• Synchronized light entrainment technology induces deep states of mental relaxation, clarity, and creativity while inducing closed eye visionary experiences. By pulsing audio and light signals at certain frequencies, the mind is assisted to enter in a desired brainwave pattern. Specially designed audio programmes assist in working towards achieving peak potential.
• Through Biofeedback, it becomes possible to assess our inner state through data-based measurement of our psycho-physiological state (Galvanic Skin Resistance) This enables a person to visualize their inner state as an external experience, and how they react to certain situations, thoughts or sensory inputs to find tools and techniques to regulate their own state of being for maximum potential.
• VAT is a totally unique, deeply relaxing multi-sensory healing immersion not to missed!
As well as holding monthly Cacao & Sound Healing events at the Yanchep Caves with Shannon, Kohra also facilitates individual Sound Healing sessions, Reiki & Chakra Balancing sessions & VibroAcoustic Therapy sessions from her beautiful property in Wanneroo.
To find out more visit www.vibrant-health.net.au or FB/vibranthealth1
Co founder of Shamanic Heart Medicine-A company founded on a passion and love for the medicine of cacao and the deep belief in the liberation and health of the feminine. Shamanic heart medicines holds powerful women’s circles and retreats and stocks the highest grade, ethically sourced Cacao’s and ceremonial products.
Shannon comes with a strong and unusual background. Beginning her career in Leadership, she enjoyed a successful career in the retail art sector for over 20 years. Working with creatives, leaders, and business owners to help them shine their authentic light into the world. Supporting creatives to move through any personal and professional blocks to be able to express their art freely, working with leaders to increase their creative team’s productivity, morale, and flow and supporting business owners to understand the psychology of their creative teams. She specialized in understanding how to get the very best out of leaders and teams to create a thriving business.
Along with her passion for people, art and business came her deep connection to the practice of healing. At the tender age of 22 Shannon completed her first Reiki Masters, back then it was a year long dedication and required the student to submit a thesis and several thorough case studies. This was to form the basis of a lifelong passion….Energy healing. The mind body spirit connection..
Shannon is of the belief that our life experiences can become our deepening’s, inviting us to explore and grow and step in to the true power of self. That the mind, body and spirit aligned is the key to happiness, harmony and flow. She is particularly passionate about women’s empowerment and a large portion of her work is dedicated to this. She is a fierce devotee of all things feminine and is vocal in her work to support the rise of the Divine feminine to bring balance back to the world.
One woman at a time.
She has completed 2 Reiki Masterships, become a passionate Neuro Linguistic Programing practitioner, is certified in Hypnosis and Spiral Somatics, studied Shamanic practice in the service of Cacao, multiple business and leadership qualifications and is currently studying Trauma therapy. Producing a potent combination of fierce space holding and loving guidance.
She is the creator of Soul Leadership Mentoring , a multifaceted one on one healing and support modality that produces stunning results. Supporting women to step out of their minds and into a state empowerment.
She has studied under world renowned NLP and hypnosis trainers, some of her shamanic studies include being a student of Sangoma(Sth African Shaman), the Munay Ki rites and over 20 years of dedicated Reiki practice.
She has a special gift for guided journey’s and deeply connective meditations and this is evident in her Ancient trance meditation courses where she shares these skills with ease. Students of Shannon’s courses find themselves thriving with the skills they develop under her teachings. She believes in teaching by proxy and example by creating safe spaces for women to explore. Finding their own truth, their own medicine.
Over the years she has created meditations, trainings and healing modalities to support her work, bringing people into alignment with their truth, purpose and creative flow.
And it is in this that she discovered her own purpose. To open these offerings to ALL women….
She is known for her ceremonial gatherings, Soul Leadership Mentoring, Ancient Meditations, courses and soulful leadership organisational development. Supporting women into a state of empowerment. She holds an incredibly strong and safe space for her fellow women.
Check out Shannon’s Soul Leadership Sessions, meditations and courses here- www.shannonvallance.com.au
Or find out about all the Shamanic Heart Medicine’s ceremonial products click here- https://www.shamanicheartmedicine.com
*Park entry free with ticket purchase.
Please read the following terms and conditions, and refund policy before purchasing your ticket.
By purchasing a ticket you acknowledge and agree to the following;
The following conditions could be negatively impacted by sound therapy and must be discussed with your sound therapist. It is your responsibility to advise us of any medical conditions or health concerns before undertaking this event and advise if you have any of the following:
– acute inflammations and tumours, or open wounds.
– pacemaker or defibrillator
– metallic implant or screws
– post-surgery before the sutures have been removed and the scar is not fully healed
– inflammatory skin disorders
– deep vein thrombosis in the leg or known thrombi
– cardiac pacemakers, artificial heart valves, or cardiac arrhythmias
– people with a stent or shunt
– people with a deep brain stimulation device (DBS)
– epileptics
– pregnant women (first 12 weeks of pregnancy)
Whilst Shannon and Kohra take the upmost care for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Please be aware that any physical symptoms you experience during and after must be attended to by your GP.
Shamanic Medicine, sound healing, Reiki, NLP or Cacao does not replace your orthodox medical practitioners. It is a complimentary medicine.
I understand Shannon and Kohra work strictly in the field of energy and plant medicine and any advice given is my responsibility to cross check with my GP and my personal medical history before applying.
I take full responsibility for my own well being during and after the event and or treatment.
This includes my mental health. If I feel unwell at any stage during or after the event I understand to contact my mental health professional.
After hours please call Lifeline:13 11 14
I will notify Shannon or Kohra if I am pregnant and understand that Cacao contains caffeine.
I understand the recommended caffeine intake for pregnant women is 280mg(35gm of Cacao) per day and agree to a smaller serving Cacao to adhere to the current recommended guidelines.
I understand that the during Cacao ceremony I will consume
Cacao powder
Cacao paste
Cacao butter
Cayenne Pepper
Rice syrup
(All organic and ethically harvested)
We have a strict ‘No Refund’ policy with the purchase of each ticket. However, you can give your ticket to someone else for them to take your spot at the circle dated on your ticket


May 23
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Yanchep Cabaret Caves
Yanchep National Park, Indian Ocean Drive
Yanchep, Western Australia 6035 Australia
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