Diving into the shadows of your soul
to reveal the truth of the ancient woman within

Embodied training and mentoring to uncover the Divine feminine in you Are you ready to rediscover the truth of who you are?

Diving into the shadows of your soul...
to reveal the truth of the ancient woman within...
We are not the playgrounds of men..
We are not the expectations of the world...
We will no longer be suppressed...
We are the creators and magic makers...
We are women...
Come take a walk with me and relight the fire of your womb...
Find your voice, your strength, and your passion...

-Shannon Vallance

About Shannon

Shannon comes with a strong and unusual background. Beginning her career in Leadership, she enjoyed a successful career in the retail art sector for over 20 years. Working with creatives, leaders, and business owners to help them shine their authentic light into the world. Supporting creatives to move through any personal and professional blocks to be able to express their art freely, working with leaders to increase their creative team’s productivity, morale, and flow and supporting business owners to understand the psychology of their creative teams.  She specialises in understanding how to get the very best out of leaders and teams to create thriving businesses.

Over the years she has created meditations, trainings and healing modalities to support her work, bringing people into alignment with their truth, purpose and creative flow.
And it is in this that she discovered her own purpose. To open these offerings to ALL women….

Soul Leadership Mentoring

It’s getting out of your own way so your soul can take the lead. It’s reducing the ego and increasing the spirit. It’s aligning with the truth of yourself and letting go of all else. It’s learning to live in flow and trust.

There is a process to get there and I am here to help you with that. Each process is different as you are an individual, sister. Part of the collective but with your own set of experiences, gifts, learning’s, and teachings.
Come… Take a walk with me.

Identifying and clearing stagnant energies, walking into the shadows and releasing what no longer serves, creating flow, clarity and a feeling of deep rest and nourishment.

Come… Take a walk with me.

Step back into the Divine feminine energy of your birth. Release what no longer serves. Remember who you are. Be guided through an empowering and healing session utilising, NLP, hypnosis, Reiki and ancient practices. This is deep and powerful work. Suitable for those that feel called.

Bringing you into alignment with your soul leadership. Are you ready to look yourself in the eye? Let me be your mirror. Are you ready to passionately and confidently take the lead in your own life and create the life and career you came here for? Are you ready to discover who you are?

Shannon Vallance Mentoring Session

Soul Leadership

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Soul leadership


Shannon Vallance Ancient Meditation Courses

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Shannon is a beautiful infectious soul! Working with her has produced such profound results for me. Shannon is one of the most genuine people I have met with a huge heart. I have experienced both one on one sessions and attended her circles both have been had a major positive impact on me and my life.

Emma ConwayHolistic Practitioner

Having had the privilege of being trained by Shannon I can truly say that I have never learnt so much about myself and what I can achieve. She not only builds you up, shares her knowledge and pushes you out of your comfort zone, but creates a safe and empowering environment to do so. Being in her presence and watching first hand her mastery is truly magical! You can be in a room with her for 8 hours straight and not only feel like it was 5 minutes, but that also a lifetime has passed and you just know that you will never be the same. If you are ready to make a change in your life, take the next step, better yourself or your business in any way, then Shannon is the woman you need. I could not recommend her enough!

Louise Marie WilkinsDesigner

Shannon is amazing, there are very few people who can do what she does. A lot of sales and customer service experts out there are process focused, where as with Shannon you get a people focused approach focusing on authentic rapport. When she teaches, she can not only deliver the goods on a practical, mental level, but can dive you into un-writing your beliefs, emotions, and you may even find yourself connecting with your inner child or a past life. (Just casually). All of this happens effortlessly. There's no woo-woo. It's a bit like breathing. You get it all with Shannon. She is an inspiration to be around and her very presence is uplifting. Her fire always stokes my fire.

Miroslav PetrovicSpeaker and Trainer

Shannon's words stay with me. She's helped me clarify how I see the world. She's helped me take ownership of the things that are mine to say and do. Sometimes she speaks directly to the biggest and bravest parts of myself, saying what I know to be true. Sometimes she speaks to the parts of myself that need to be gently urged to let go of the things that never were true. No matter what I need, she shows up to each session with her whole soul, and gives her all every time. Shannon is someone who will support your becoming. That process isn't always easy or comfortable. It's vulnerable and messy and scary. But on the other side of it, you will know more of who you are. This isn't a quick fix - it's a deep dive and a powerful step forward. Working with Shannon has been a blessing. I'm excited for every person who comes into her space and if you're on the fence I enthusiastically recommend her with a grateful heart!

Anna PozzatoPhotographer

Powerhouse of truth, rawness + turning up your feminine goddess volume! I thinks she’s awesome. Love a woman that shows up completely + holds that space for others. 10 thumbs up!

Hayley WebbSound and Breath Therapist

I have worked with (and there have been a few), Shannon is truly the standout amongst all of them. She cares deeply about every person she works with and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life. She understands the heart of holistic success and is truly gifted at helping you to find it for yourself. Highly recommended.

Emile DesfontainesIT Professional

I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Shannon in a therapeutic context, and have also witnessed her facilitate others.
She is intuitive and is able to cut to the heart of an issue easily and effortlessly, whilst also being able to hold space and create a safe nurturing environment for those she works with.
She truly understands human nature, and manages to bring both reverence and a sense of lightness and joy to her work. I would happily work with her again, and definitely recommend her to anyone!

Anna RitterChinese Medicine Practitioner

Mind blowing and life changing courses. You will indeed meet the serpent and the ancestors, plus previously invisible parts of yourself-if you are willing.
They are more than meditation. For me Shannon’s courses have been a transformational journey into the world of my shadows and what lies beneath. They are like plowing the fields of your being and planting new nourishing crop. Bringing up and released what has been waiting to come up, things that have been holding me back without me knowing.
Shannon is real. She holds a very safe space. I am often wary of being in a place others are healing and releasing as I feel and take on that energy from others. Shannon sets very strong boundaries and intentions to keep everyone grounded and in their own energy- this is very important for me.
I have always felt very supported and respected. It’s a place you can share without judgement, no matter what it is or how you need to express it.
These courses have helped me heal big generational trauma, find my inner self and own my truth. My body has responded by speaking and singing what I believe to be some kind of light language and I have discovered my healing response to sound vibrations through my drum and singing bowls.
There are so many changes that have occurred as a flow on from these courses. The biggest for me is finding and shining my inner light brightly again. Being happy and confident and trusting all that is.
I highly recommend Shannon’s courses and honestly believe that if you are wanting a journey of transformation then you should book in right away.
Thankyou Shannon

Victoria McLartyYoga Teacher

I started working with Shannon about 3 month ago and have not stopped being amazed by the experience. I have not been very much into meditation before but was looking for something that would interest me. I started with the meet the serpent journey. This was an eye opener for me to what is possible to achieve with meditation. Shannon is a master of her craft and i truly appreciate now the importance of grounding and how to stay grounded. Of course I had to sign up for another course the meeting of the ancestors and i am thrilled to go to class every week to explore more and more of myself. I am very grateful that such a fabulous teacher is here in Perth. Thank you Shannon for always being available and supportive and holding that space

Nadine KrokotschNurse